Yamagoya Ramen (Baywalk Mall, Jakarta)

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Yamagoya Ramen is not a new player in F&B industry in Jakarta, it's a restaurant that specialized in serving Japanese food located in Baywalk Mall. I've tried many restaurant that serves ramen and I have to say that each of them was unique and the taste is different in a way. After all, it's all about preferences, whether you like the lighter or heavier broth, right?

Yamagoya Ramen

I didn't get chance to take picture of the interior because I was way too focused on the ramen itself .(lol!) But the restaurant is quite spacious and I reckon they can accommodate up to 50 people, it was not crowded during my visit so it's all good.

Let's get started with the food!

Yamagoya Ramen (IDR 58k)
Yamagoya Ramen

Yamagoya Ramen is apparently the signature dish here which is a pork ramen served along with boiled egg, bamboo shoot, spring onion, cha shu and nori. You can ask not to include one of the ingredient if you don't like it, as for me, I love all the ingredients so it's a big no when the server ask whether I would like to exclude any of the ingredients.

Their ramen version is a bit light which is definitely suit my liking, the broth was not super thick but it was not light as well, it's just right and the cha shu was definitely the best. Although it would have been perfect if the egg came out perfectly soft-boiled.. :(

Yamagoya Ramen

Gyoza (IDR 29k)

Gyoza is perfect pairing for ramen and I freaking love their gyoza, it was slightly crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. Not to mention that the pricing was quite affordable as well. Oh and they have pork and chicken version of the gyoza so you don't have to worry if you don't eat pork!


Chicken Curry Rice (IDR 29k)
Chicken Curry Rice

The Chicken Curry Rice might look a little bit unappealing, but trust me it was good enough to make you lick the plate! Honestly, I didn't expect much from their curry, but it tasted surprisingly delicious and the portion was huge as well. I personally think this might be even better if they have spicy version for the curry.

Chicken Curry Rice

Overall, I had a great lunch at Yamagoya Ramen, the food tasted pretty delicious, they service was good and the place is nice. If you prefer lighter version of ramen, I  recommend you to try their ramen. But if you prefer thicker and heavier broth, this might not be the one for you. Like I said before, it's all about preferences. Best of luck for Yamagoya Ramen!

Yamagoya Ramen
Bay Walk Mall, Lantai 2, Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu, Pluit, Jakarta
(021) 29839063

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00


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