Ngana Jo (Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta)

Ngana Jo is a Indonesian restaurant that specialized in serving Manadonese food which is located at Bendungan Hilir area. To be honest, I can recall how many times I have had Manadonese food before and I guess it's around 2-3 times? It's not like I don't like Manadonese food, but I just haven't got the chance to experience it more. (all I remember about Manadonese food is their super good and appetizing corn fritters!)


As for the interior, I have to say that it's pretty humble and looked like common restaurant where family have their lunch or dinner. But that's not a problem as we are not talking about dining at fancy cafe, right? 

Let's get started with their food!

Bunga Pepaya (IDR 35k)
Center: Bunga Pepaya; Upper Left: Kakap Bakar Rica

Have you ever tried a food called Papaya Flower? I know it might sound weird to some people, but it's quite a common food in Indonesia. The only problem is, the taste might turned out to be super bitter if you made a mistake in processing it. I had to say that they did a great job in removing the bitter taste although I don't really like it as I'm not into veggies.

Cakalang Woku (IDR 45k)
Cakalang Woku

Cakalang Woku is basically a kind of fish that is served in a special soup which was made from various spices. I'm going to warn you that the soup might be too spicy for those who can't handle spicy food, but trust me, it was super good that it made me crave for more!

Ayam Woku (IDR 45k)
Ayam Woku

Ayam Woku is basically chicken meat served with the same soup as Cakalang Woku as mentioned above. As a non-seafood lover, I personally prefer this one although this one also had those "addicting" spicy kick!


Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay

It doesn't feel like Indonesian food if there's no satay, don't you agree? The chicken meat was skewered and marinated with herbs and chili and then grilled to perfection. Delicious!

Perkedel Jagung - 5 pcs (IDR 30k)
Perkedel Jagung

This is it, the legendary corn fritters that everyone loves! One thing that I love from Manadonese corn fritters is their generous amount of corn kernels and it was fried to golden brown with perfect level of crispness!

Overall, I had a great lunch at Ngana Jo, the food tasted delicious, the place is okay and the service was nice. It's such a great experience for me to try various kind of Manadonese food and I guess I'm start liking it despite its spiciness. (as I love spicy food, but I couldn't really handle it if it's too spicy) Best of luck and thanks for having me!

Ngana Jo
Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 10A, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta
(021) 5731932

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00


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