Seafood Party at Satoo (Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta)

Satoo is one of the most-popular hotel restaurant in Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. I bet most of you might have visited this restaurant or at least hear about it. Satoo serves various International cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Indian cuisine. Not to mention that they currently have their brand new "Seafood Party" every Friday that covers all of those aforementioned cuisine selection plus the selection of fresh seafood from different region!

Norwegian Salmon Section
Norwegian Salmon Section

The restaurant itself is really huge but I do recommend you to make reservation before you came here. Because trust me, it's going to be packed and crowded especially during the "Seafood Party" at Friday. The price for the "Seafood Party" is IDR 458k++ per person, which is considered pretty affordable considering all of those high quality seafood. (and the other selection of International cuisine!)

Here are the sneak peek of fresh seafood selection available at the "Seafood Party"!
Canadian Oyster
Seafood Bar

As you might already know, I'm not a sucker for seafood but I have to tell you that their seafood was really fresh and it doesn't have fishy smell at at all! I didn't realize that I have devoured more seafood than what I expected. (I'm serious, lol!) Oh and I personally love the Russian crab as it had plump and firm meat and it goes really well with the Russian dressing!

Shall I introduce you to the International cuisine stall?

Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar is undoubtedly one of the most popular stall as I could see there were a lot of people coming back to this place to take more sushi!

Lamian Stall
Lamian Stall
The Lamian stall serves premium quality Lamian which had great quality as the chef will make the Lamian in front of you when you place the order. Oh, I have to tell you that the chef is the same chef as in Jia, so you could expect great and authentic Lamian!

Lamian with Beef Brisket

Chinese Cuisine Section

In case you are craving for Chinese cuisine, you can grab several authentic Chinese cuisine at this stall such as Peking duck, chicken rice and dimsum!

Grilled Seafood Stall
Grilled Fish and Shrimp

This particular stall might be missed by most of the customers as it is located quite remotely from another stall, but I do recommend you to visit this as their grilled prawn tasted so good! Aside the picture of cuisine selection above, there's also a Pasta stall, Indian cuisine section, (their Indian curry was super good!) Western cuisine section and Indonesian cuisine section. 

Fruits Stall

As for the dessert, there are selections of fruit, ice cream and sweets. As a sweet-tooth person, I personally loving this corner so much especially those white chocolate and dark chocolate fondue.(picture below) Oh, and I super love their gelato especially the strawberry one because they use real strawberry and you can find the strawberry chunk inside the gelato. It tasted a little bit sour with refreshing flavor!


Overall, I had a wonderful "Seafood Party" at Satoo, their food tasted amazing as expected, the place was great and the service was great. Everything was perfect and if you are a seafood lover, I bet you will really love this place, so give it a try! Last but not least, thanks for having me and I wish best of luck for Satoo!

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