Collage (Pullman Hotel Central Park, Jakarta)

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Collage is an all-day dining restaurant at Pullman Hotel Central Park, Jakarta. It is the only restaurant at Pullman Hotel, so you can expect to find various cuisine such as Indian, Indonesian, Western, Chinese and Japanese cuisine in Collage. The restaurant itself opens all-day long, but there are certain time for buffet such as "Brunch Time" every weekend from 11.30 - 15.00.

The restaurant itself is quite spacious and big as they could accommodate up to 170 people in total. I do recommend you to make reservation before you come here because believe me, it's really packed especially on weekend. They will have different theme for brunch every month and the theme for this month is "Indonesian Food Fest" and "Easter Brunch" (for 15-16 April). For only IDR 428k++, you can get the pleasant brunch experience at Collage.

Let's get started with their food!

I tried most of the food there, but I personally love the meat section as they were serving various premium meat such as wagyu and pork (non-halal). The wagyu was indescribably delicious with perfect tenderness and I love the crispiness of the pork skin glazed with honey. It's best to eat with the sauteed baby potatoes and vegetables!

Wagyu and Pork

On the Indonesian food section, there were various selection of traditional food but my eye was drawn to those appetizing satay. There are two selection of satay which are the lamb satay and chicken satay. Oh, and you can add the peanut sauce by yourself, so you can adjust it according to your liking!

On the dessert section, as I came during the Easter Brunch period, there were various cute bunny-shaped dessert and I bet kids will definitely love this one. I didn't expect much, but seriously the bunny-shaped cookies tasted super delicious and I love the fact that it's not overly sweet. Oh, and I have to recommend you the Strawberry Pudding, it's freaking delicious with mild taste of strawberry and mild level of sweetness. 

Easter Dessert

I also tried the Zuppa Soup and I found it tasted pleasantly delicious with crispy and flaky outer layer which was perfect!

Zuppa Soup

The sushi and seafood tasted pretty decent and I could tell that the ingredients were fresh although there were not many selections of sushi available during that day.


Overall, I had a wonderful Easter Brunch at Collage restaurant, the food itself tasted wonderful, the service was great and the place was nice. I could see the reason on why the restaurant was very packed during my visit because it's definitely worth it to had brunch here. I wish best of luck for Collage and thanks for having me!

Hotel Pullman Jakarta Central Park, Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta
021 29207777

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 06.00 - 23.00


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Gudetama Chef (Taipei, Taiwan)

by 9:15:00 PM

(Raise your hand if you love these uber cute lazy egg, Gudetama!)

Some of you might have noticed that I just came back from my last trip to Hongkong and Taiwan.(as I post a lot of photos on my instagram!) It was my longest trip that I've ever had so far and I'm happy and exhausted at the same time. I managed to visit one of the hottest Sanrio character themed-cafe in Taipei, the infamous Gudetama Chef cafe!

Curious about my dining experience here? Let's get it started!


I am a big fan of egg and I love the quote "No Egg No Life", who's with me? ;)


Look at those super cute lazy egg decoration, you'll literally spot him everywhere inside the restaurant. (literally everywhere including the toilet) I've heard from a lot of people that themed-cafe food are usually overpriced and tasted so-so but I've to tell you that the food at Gudetama Chef was super delicious!

Toilet Sign

The restaurant itself is not really big, but definitely eye-satisfying with those pretty decoration and I do recommend you to make reservation before you came here. (you can make online reservation with guarantee payment NTD 200/person) and keep in mind that you will only have 90 minutes time for dining it with those lazy egg.

Let's get started with their food!

(Since all of the menu is written in Chinese, I tried to create the English version of it)

Gudetama Risotto with Grilled Salmon (NTD 320 / IDR 140k)
Gudetama Risotto with Grilled Salmon

Ten points for the plating although mine came with a little bit flaw on the rice. This one tasted surprisingly delicious and I freaking love the grilled salmon, it tasted clean and not overwhelmingly dominant. The rice itself tasted pretty good and fragrant and it kinda remind me of the Indonesian food called "Nasi Kuning" (in a good way of course!)

Gudetama Egg Waffle (NTD 160 / IDR 70k)
Gudetama Egg Waffle

This one is basically an Gudetama-shaped egg waffle, it tasted pretty decent although I found that the waffle was a little bit heavy and plain and it would be better if they serve this one with sauce or jam. :(

Gudetama Corn Soup (NTD 120 / IDR 52k)
Gudetama Corn Soup

This one might look unflattering but I have to tell you that their corn soup was super duper good and I never expected it to be that good. The soup had a nice balance and it was creamy but not too creamy. Everything was just good and well-balanced, Bravo!


Gudetama Slushie (NTD 220 / IDR 97k)

I swear I saw that almost everyone inside the restaurant was buying this one, the reason is because you can take the bottle as souvenir with you! The slushie itself tasted pretty okay although it would be better if the taste was bolder.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Gudetama Chef, the food tasted delicious, the service was nice and the place was cute. To be honest, I didn't expect much from themed-cafe food and this one was beyond my expectation. I do recommend you to try this restaurant if you happen to visit Taiwan and you love Gudetama!

I'll be making food guide in Hong Kong and Taiwan sometimes soon, so stay tune!

Gudetama Chef
No. 12, Lane 236, Section 1, Dunhua S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City
+886 2 2752 9520

Opening Hours:
Monday : Closed
Tuesday - Sunday : 11.00 - 22.00

*Currency rate 1 NTD = IDR 440

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