Sunday Brunch at Rosso (Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta)

by 9:31:00 AM

Rosso is one of the restaurants located at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta which specialised in serving authentic Italian Food. (You might want to check my review for another restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel here: Satoo and Jia). They currently have Sunday Brunch promotion which is available every Sunday from 11.30 to 14.30 with various selection from buffet, special a la carte menu, dessert and wine, prosecco or beer!


The interior itself was pretty mesmerizing with modern touch and eye-catching red chair. I really like how the restaurant was exposed to the natural lighting which makes it brighter for taking photos. Their Sunday Brunch package comes in 3 selection as follow:
  • IDR 490k includes free flow Mineral Water, Juices and Soft Drinks
  • IDR 878k includes free flow Red Wine, White Wine, Beer & Prosecco
  • IDR 1378k includes free flow Red Wine, White Wine, Beer, Prosecco & Champagne
Pasta Corner
Soup Corner

I have to say that they got ton of selections of Italian food starting from pasta, calzone, pizza, fresh seafood, soups, risotto etc. All of them tasted pretty great and suit my liking. As a dessert lover myself, I just can't help but to stare at those beautiful and intriguing dessert corner!

Dessert Corner

The Dessert Corner has many selections of dessert starting from cream caramel panacotta, macaroon, pie, cakes, mousse, praline and cupcakes. If I had to name of the best dessert that I've had here, I have to say that it's their Raspberry Mousse which was pretty refreshing with a hint of sourness from the raspberry.

Chocolate Caramel Cake
Cream Caramel

Aside the dessert corner, they also had the so-called Gelato Corner with many selections for the flavor such as vanilla, chocolate, green tea, strawberry, mango and raisins. Their strawberry and mango one was super great and I love the texture as they include the fruits itself inside the gelato! Oh and you can choose whether you want to have the gelato in a cone, a plate, a bowl, or anything you like. (lol!)

Gelato Corner

Another thing to note is the Crispy Pork because it tasted heavenly delicious with those perfect crispness. It tasted similar with Balinese suckling pig which was great. Don't forget to try their signature saffron sauce because it goes so well with the crispy pork!

Crispy Pork

Aside all the buffet menu that I've talked above, they also had several selections of a la carte menu which I managed to try. I personally recommend you to try their Filetto di Manzo (Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras) and Filetto Di Cernia (Grouper Fish Fillet in Mediterranean Tomato Sauce) because it tasted super great and you wouldn't want to miss this in your Sunday Brunch experience, right?

Agnolotti Di Bufala E Pesto
Spaghetti Polpa Di Granchio E Acciughe
Filetto di Manzo
Filetto Di Cernia

Overall, I really enjoyed my Sunday Brunch experience at Rosso, the food tasted pretty amazing, the service was great and the place is nice. Oh and please keep in mind that it's better to reserve your table first if you want to experience the Sunday Brunch, you can reserve it through this link. Last but not least, thanks for having me and best of luck for Rosso!


Shangri-La Hotel, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Sudirman, Jakarta
(021) 29399562

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri : 11.30 - 14.30 ; 18.30 - 22.30
Sat - Sun : 11.00 - 14.30 ; 17.30 - 01.00


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Bourbon & Beef at Bacchus Bar (AYANA Midplaza, Jakarta)

by 6:41:00 PM

Bacchus Bar is one of the restaurants located at the AYANA Jakarta (or formerly known as Intercontinental Hotel). They currently have special event called Bourbon and Beef pairing in which guests are invited to choose from a premium selection of fine bourbon, which will be paired with a beautifully prepared cut of beef to truly satisfy the well-earned hunger after a long day of business meetings.


The interior itself is decorated like a fusion of modern bar with wine cellar displayed inside the bar. It was fully equipped with dim lighting and keep in mind that people are allowed to smoke at Bacchus Bar. Oh and I have to tell you beforehand that I'm not a big fan of alcohol and bourbon, but I'll try my best to describe the taste of each drink!

Let's get started with their food (and bourbon!)

Oxtail Croquette & Wild Turkey
Oxtail Croquette

The Oxtail Croquette was perfect with a crispy outer layer and soft filling. It was served along with cheese sauce and this one is good to be paired with Wild Turkey, which has hint of alcohol and citrus flavor.

Wild Turkey

Philly Cheese Steak & Whiskey Negroni
Philly Cheese Steak

Philly Cheese Steak is one of my favorite food and I was truly satisfied with their creation. It was served along with fries and cheese sauce. They were being pretty generous with the meat and the cheese which was good. The pairing was Whiskey Negroni which has a quite strong alcohol flavor (for me) and definitely not a ladies drink.

Philly Cheese Steak
Whiskey Negroni

BBQ Beef Ribs & Single Barrel O.T.R
BBQ Beef Ribs

The BBQ Beef Ribs was beautifully presented along with onion ring and caramelized orange. It tasted pretty good with a hint of sweetness from the sauce. This one was paired with Single Barrel O.T.R which was pretty nice but quite strong.

Bourbon Tenderloin & Aromatic Manhattan
Bourbon Tenderloin

Bourbon Tenderloin was paired along with Aromatic Manhattan, a bourbon with a smoked rosemary (literally) which gives off nice scent. The tenderloin itself was pretty good and it was pretty good to be paired with those strong Aromatic Manhattan.

Aromatic Manhattan

Beef Cheek Bourguignon & Good Sour Day
Beef Cheek Bourguignon

Beef Cheek Bourguignon was served along with a bed of sweet potato puree and sauteed mushrooms. It tasted pretty great and I'm loving the sweet potato puree! This one was paired along with Good Sour Day, probably the lightest drink among all of other drinks here and I love how it had hint of sourness which will cleanse your palate.

Beef Cheek Bourguignon
Good Sour Day

Oh and aside all of those Bourbon and Beef pairing, they will also have Scotch and Cheese promotion in September 2017, here is the teaser picture for you:

Scotch and Cheese

Overall, I had a great dinner and drink at Bacchus Bar, their food tasted pretty great, the drinks was good, the service was great and the place is nice. I bet this promotion will be great for those who likes to taste good bourbon and beef with friends or colleagues. Last but not least, thanks for having me and best of luck for Bacchus Bar!

Bacchus Bar
AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA, Jl. Jend. Sudirman 10-11, Sudirman, Jakarta
(021) 2510888

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu: 15.00 - 24.00
Fri - Sat : 15.00 - 01.00


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Nebula Kuningan (Kuningan, Jakarta)

by 8:20:00 PM

Nebula Kuningan is a new restaurant and bar located at Mega Kuningan area, specifically at Kantor Taman A9. Apparently, they are under the same management as Nebula Bali and they are specialized in serving various authentic Indonesian cuisine and innovative cocktails. It might be quite hard to find the restaurant as it's located quite remote from another restaurant in Mega Kuningan area, but just follow the maps and I bet you will be there without any problem.

The restaurant itself is not really big, but it's spacious enough and I reckon they could accommodate up to 50 people. The design of the interior was industrial-inspired with a simple touch of modernity. I bet this will be a great place to spend your quality time with friends or having business meeting or dinner. Basically, they have two kinds of menu which are Lunch Menu (focusing on menu for individual serving) and Dinner Menu (focusing on menu for sharing plate) Oh and they will have their soft opening on 17 July 2017, so be sure to mark your calendar!

Let's get started with their food, shall we?

Chicken Betutu (IDR 138k)
Chicken Betutu

The Chicken Betutu was served along with long bean lawar and peanut, it tasted pretty delicious and I love the tenderness of the chicken. The betutu spice itself was quite strong and pretty authentic as it tasted similar with what I've had in Bali.

Glazed Short Ribs (IDR 164k)
Glazed Short Ribs

Their Glazed Short Ribs tasted pretty delicious as well with the perfectly marinated and tender meat with their signature sauce. It tasted pretty sweet and a little bit spicy and look at those pretty and instagram-able plating!

Lamb Shank Gulai (IDR 181k)
Lamb Shank Gulai

Honestly, I've never liked lamb meat because of its gamey smell, but I had to admit that they did a great job in removing those gamey smell. This one tasted pretty delicious and tender with no bad smell at all! If you love gulai, I bet you will love this one.

Salted Egg Squid (IDR 78k)
Salted Egg Squid

One of the most happening dish these days, salted egg squid! Don't you think that everything will be great if they are paired up with salted egg?

Nasi Kuning
Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning is one of their lunch menu selection which was a kind of individual portion. It was served along with crispy potato, flakes, meat and chili. This one tasted pretty decent and I personally love their crispy potato because it was unique and delicious!


Pitaya Sunrise (IDR 52k)
Pitaya Sunrise

Aside cocktails and food, they also had the infamous smoothies bowl and the color was definitely pretty and fun to watch. It was served in a round wooden bowl and definitely a great option for those who seek healthy food.

Yoggi Wannaberry

Overall, I had a wonderful lunch at Nebula Kuningan, their food tasted unexpectedly amazing and authentic, the service was superb, almost all of the servers were friendly and knowledgeable which was rare to see in new restaurants these days and the place was nice. I hope they maintain the consistency of their food because almost everything was great. Best of luck for Nebula Kuningan thanks for having me!

Nebula Kuningan
Kantor Taman A9, Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot. 8.9/A9, Kuningan, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00 - 22.00


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