Fat Shogun (Kuningan, Jakarta)

Fat Shogun is a restaurant that specialized in serving fusion Japanese-Peruvian cuisine located at Menara BTPN in Mega Kuningan area. As Indonesia will be celebrating independence day soon, Fat Shogun will join the festive by launching special Independence Day Set which will only be available on 16-17 August 2017. To get into the restaurant, find the lift located near the lobby (it's outside the building though) and go up to "R" or Rooftop floor.

I personally love the interior and decoration of the restaurant as it looked like a mixture between modern eatery with a traditional Japanese touch. They also have an outdoor smoking area which has a quite good view and keep in mind that the whole restaurant will turn into smoking area after 9 PM. The Independence Set menu is priced at IDR 400k/pax and consists of:
  • Ceviche with Acar Dressing (Appetizer)
  • Red White Tiradito (Appetizer)
  • Chicken Roll & Cod Misoyaki (Main Course)
  • Yuccamochi (Dessert)

Oh, and if you RSVP before 15 August 2017, you will get special price of IDR 375k/pax!

Let's get started with their food!

Ceviche with Acar Dressing
Ceviche with Acar Dressing

Ceviche with Acar Dressing is sliced snapper, red onion, tomatoes mixed with traditional acar dressing. This one tasted pretty sour and tangy from the acar dressing, definitely a good one to have as starter.

Ceviche with Acar Dressing

Red White Tiradito
Red White Tiradito

Red White Tiradito is sliced sea bass and tuna with mango ginger salad sauce. Kudos for the idea to include the signature Indonesian flag color in the food! It tasted pretty delicious and the mango ginger salad sauce had a pretty strong aroma and flavor.

Red White Tiradito

Chicken Roll & Cod Misoyaki
Chicken Roll

Chicken Roll & Cod Misoyaki is a combination of chicken rolled with rice and char boiled cod with misoyaki sauce served along with seasonal bunch of veggies. It made a perfect combination as you can taste the delicious and tender chicken along with the moist cod fish. Everything in the plate was perfectly complementing each other and I really love this one!

Cod Misoyaki


Yuccamochi is cassava cake served with coconut pearl ice cream, I've never imagined that cassava could be this great and tasty and I bet you wouldn't even realized that the whole cake was made from cassava. It has an interesting texture and tasted pretty sweet and nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Independence Day Set by Fat Shogun, the food tasted super delicious, the service was great and the place is nice. Make sure you don't miss these good combination of food as it'll only be available for 2 days (16 - 17 August 2017). I do hope that they will have this in their permanent menu in the future, because it's really good! Last but not least, thanks for having me and best of luck for Fat Shogun.

Fat Shogun
Menara BTPN, Lantai Rooftop, Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, Kuningan, Jakarta
(021) 22958196

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu : 11.00 - 24.00
Fri - Sat : 11.00 - 02.00


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