Madagaskar (Plaza Senayan, Jakarta)

Madagaskar is a brand new restaurant with jungle concept located at Plaza Senayan. (it's located in secluded area at the 5th floor near Applebee). I have to say that they did a great job in decorating the whole place, I bet you will definitely feel like you're entering an actual jungle when you enter this place. They also sell several safari themed merchandise near the entrance of the restaurant, so you could shop after or before you eat your lunch or dinner here!

The restaurant itself is super huge with dining area on the first floor and second floor, I bet they could accommodate more than 100 people. There's also a bar section available on the first floor with those super cute animal shaped chair. You could spot several animals decoration here and there and some of them could even move, I was startled when I saw that there is a big monkey head on the wall near where I sat (lol!)

Let's get started with their food!

Mollusca Mozzarella Sticks (IDR 68k)
Mollusca Mozzarella Stick

Mollusca Mozzarella Stick is basically deep fried mozzarella cheese coated with bread crumbs, it tasted pretty good although I bet it will be better if the cheese was melted and gooey inside because I found the one in my plate was a little bit sticky.

Sweet Ostrict BBQ Fries (IDR 48k)
Brown Oryx Fries

Sweet Ostrict BBQ Fries is basically french fries topped with chikcen mushroom and smoky BBQ sauce. I know I'm a such trash for fries, but I have to say that this fries was so good that I could even finish 2 or more plates by myself!

Yellow Jungle Fowl Tacquitos (IDR 55k)
Yellow Jungle Fowl Tacquitos

Yellow Jungle Fowl Tacquitos is basically a taco filled with minced meat and topped with guacamole and mayonnaise sauce. This one tasted pretty decent with a hint of avocado flavor although I found it was a little bit too bland for my liking.

The Peacock Tandoori (IDR 88k)
The Peacock Tandoori

The Peacock Tandoori is marinated chicken skewers with tandoori spice served on a bed of basmati rice. The chicken skewers tasted super good as it was super fragrant and had a tad bid of salty taste, some of you might find this too salty, but nevertheless it was good!

Short Rib Black Soup (IDR 140k)
Short Rib Black Soup

The Short Rib Black Soup is definitely not my cup of tea because I don't really like looking at those huge bones when I eat something. (except pork ribs, lol!) I tried some of the meat and I find the meat was quite tough and hard to be eaten.

Overall, I had a good lunch at Madagaskar, I have to be honest and said that their food was not outstandingly delicious, some of them were just so-so although some of them were good as well. Nevertheless, it's a good place to experience jungle themed restaurant as I don't recall that there is any other themed restaurant like this in Jakarta. Last but not least, best of luck for Madagaskar and thanks to Nibble for inviting me!

Plaza Senayan, Lantai 5, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta
021 579 06082

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00 - 23.00


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