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Hi there, my name is Paulus, a sole author and photographer of Soompeat and I live in Jakarta as for now. I have been falling in love with food photography since 2011, but I just decided to create my own food blog in June 2014.

I always think that every food is heart-fully and meticulously made by the chef so it's a must to take picture of the food to cherish what has been done by the chef. That's why if you ever meet me in person, you might see that I am pretty busy in taking picture of my food before I start to eat.

I love Indonesian food, Western food, Japanese food, Chinese food and all kind of food especially those fried-and-good-looking food. I personally had crush on potatoes, garlic, pasta, ice cream and cheese. I also love dessert especially when it comes to sweet things, there is always a room for dessert right?

I'm not an expert writer nor a great photographer, but I will do my best to deliver great photos and review for all of the readers! :)

About Soompeat

Okay, now I will talk about the origin of Soompeat name. Actually, it is just a name that popped-up randomly in my thought. Soom (숨) means breath in Korean, P stands for initial of my name, and Eat means eat (I don't have to describe this right?), it means that you have to breathe and eat to enjoy your life. (well okay, I know it's bit cheesy..)

Another interesting thing is when you pronounce the word Soompeat, it sounds like "Sumpit" which literally means chopstick in Bahasa. Chopstick is considered as one of eating utensils that are used by many people in my country. I hope that explains why I chose Soompeat as my blog name.

I decided to use English as the main language in Soompeat for internationalization reason. So, I hope people from all over the world can read this blog and get to know about Indonesian Culinary. All the photos in Soompeat are taken by me and the reviews are written by me as well. So, if you wish to use any photos, please do ask permission from me first.

I guess that's all about me and Soompeat, I hope I can share useful review and information about food for all the readers, if you would like to contact me, please refer to contact page and I hope you enjoy reading Soompeat!


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  1. Hi Paulus,

    Can you open comment using name / url? So visitor like me who doesn't have blogger id can easily leave a comment haha..

    Just curious, what type of camera do you use for all photos in this blog? it's really nice picture!

    Btw I hope you can be a travel blogger too, so we can share experience together.

    Frenky - http://frenkeyblog.com

    1. Hi Ko Frenky,

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the suggestion. I have enabled comment using name or url from now on!

      I use Canon EOS 1200D for all photos in this blog, I'm still learning how to take great picture though, but thanks for the compliment! Surely, I'm planning to be travel blogger sometimes soon!


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